Jeff Seltz is the owner of AlivenYoga and a certified Isha Hatha Yoga teacher. His purpose is to help you become more fully Alive-in-Yoga so that you experience life with more balance, compassion and joyful energy.

By working with Jeff, you will learn a daily practice from an ancient system of yoga that you can do on your own, which empowers you to take charge of your health and well-being. 

Whether you're seeking mind-body restoration, physical strength and flexibility, increased energy levels, healthier ways to cope with stress and anxiety, improved relationships, or a deeper sense of purpose and connection, these tools have the power to transform your life.

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If you're seeking tools to help you feel more connected, fulfilled and energized on a deeper spiritual level, then this is for you. 

Health & Wellness-ers

If you want holistic tools that empower you to take control of your mental, emotional, physical and energetic health and well-being, then this is for you. 


If you're in the business of empowering others to live more healthy, happy and successful lives, and you want tools to help you show up with more energy, clarity and compassion, then this is for you.

Children & Families

If you want tools to help your children (age 7+) and/or family more consciously navigate their journey of health, wellness and inner transformation, then this is for you. 


Tools for Health, Wellness and Inner Transformation

Simple, yet powerful tools that empower you to keep your mind, body and energy systems healthy, balanced and vibrant.

Personal Journey

We'll work together to create and navigate a customized journey aligned with your health and wellness needs and aspirations.   

Your Own
Daily Practice

Once you learn a practice, it is yours for life. This means that you will have a daily practice that you can do on your own wherever you are - putting the power of transformation into your hands. 

Practices for All Levels

Beginner to advanced practices for children (7+) and adults - spanning gentle to intense body movement and energy activation.

Ancient Lineage

The practices taught are rooted in an ancient system of yoga known as Classical Hatha Yoga, which uses the body to purify and elevate your energies and raise your perception to its peak.

Extensive Training

Jeff completed the 5-month, 1750-hour Isha Hatha Yoga Training program in India, which equipped him with the tools, training and experience needed to teach this powerful system of yoga. 



Customized journeys that empower you with tools to help you live a more healthy and happy life. 

Workshops and programs offered in-person in private and small group settings.

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1-4 class workshops

Learn a powerful yogic practice that calms your mind, stabilizes your body, and releases stuck energy. 

Beginner to advanced. Gentle to intense. Bodywork to breathwork to powerful energy processes. 

Practices include Upa-yoga, Surya Kriya, AngamardanaYogasanas and Bhuta Shuddhi.



Workshop(s) & Review Sessions

Learn a practice and firmly integrate it into your life by completing a mandala - a 40-day period in which the human system completes a physiological cycle - with Jeff's support and guidance. 



12-class, 25-hour program

Accelerate your journey by learning 3 powerful yogic practices that will empower you to breakthrough your limitations so that you can live a more healthy and happy life.



"What you helped start is more profound and more healing than any process that I have been through in my entire life."

Chris - red beard realtor

"Jeff is a wonderful yoga teacher! His passion for Classical Hatha Yoga and its benefits comes out in his preparation and expertise when guiding you through the process. This is my first real introduction to Yoga and I love that I have a practice I can do anywhere and on my own to feel more healthy, balanced and vibrant. Thank you Jeff for introducing me to Yoga and supporting me on my journey."

Jenn - corporate banking associate

"Jeff's commitment to yoga is so inspiring. His time and effort put into the class went well beyond the run-of-the-mill yoga experience. I feel more grounded, secure, and alive after one class. My body awareness has also improved and I'm seeing greater connections between breathing, body movements, and inner peace. Thanks again for the inspiration Jeff!"

Nina - non-profit manager

"Upa-yoga is the yoga I’ve been waiting for. After a week of daily practice, I can feel more freedom in my joints, which in turn puts my body and mind at ease. Thank you Jeff for sharing this tradition with me. I would recommend this to anyone, whether they consider themselves a yogi or not."

Peter - film writer

"I had a fantastic weekend workshop with Jeff. I can honestly say it feels life-changing! I feel much more energized in my body and clear in my mind. Thank you Jeff for your kindness, patience and encouragement."

Lourdes - registered nurse


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