Workshops are conducted 1-on-1 or in a small group and can be customized to your needs and aspirations.

Post-workshop, you will have a simple, yet powerful yoga practice routine that you can do on your own.

Hatha Yoga Practices


In this 1-class, 3-hour workshop, you will learn a 30-minute practice called Upa-yoga. This is a low-intensity, 10-set practice that loosens the joints, exercises the muscles, and helps you feel more relaxed and at ease.


In this 4-class, 6-hour workshop, you will learn a 45+ minute practice called Angamardana. This is a high-intensity process that uses the body's momentum to build fitness, improve flexibility and activate your energy system.

Surya Kriya

In this 2-class, 6-hour workshop, you will learn a 30+ minute practice called Surya Kriya. This is a medium-intensity, 21-step process that fires up your energy system in a powerful way.


In this 4-class, 10-hour workshop, you will learn a 45+ minute practice called Yogasanas Beginner. This is a medium-intensity, 21-step process that aligns the system and enables you to reach deep levels of meditation and inner well-being.

12-Day Challenge

In this 12-class, 25-hour workshop, you will learn 4 powerful yogic processes that will accelerate and intensify your journey of transformation in a tremendous way. 

Nurture & Support

Review Sessions

Maximize the benefits of the practice(s) learned through teacher corrections. 

Lifestyle Coaching

Receive support and guidance on how to live a more healthy and productive life - focusing on yoga, diet, exercise and/or work performance.

What is a training like?

  • These are multi-class workshops designed to teach you yoga practices that come from an ancient yogic tradition. So please approach each class with humility and respect for the teachings offered.

  • The class atmosphere is similar to a meditation hall, in the sense that we do not use mirrors or props and we refrain from talking and touching during demonstrations and practice. This shifts the focus inward so that you become more in tune with your body, breath and inner experience.​

  • The teaching methodology consists of video demonstrations, guided instructions, and videos of Sadhguru talking about various aspects of Classical Hatha Yoga.

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