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Surya Shakti
Fire Up Physically


"Surya" means "Sun,"and "Shakti" means "energy". Surya Shakti is a dynamic form of the Sun Salutation which is an ancient yogic practice with a powerful sequence of 18 postures. This is a great complementary practice to Surya Kriya. 

The practice is taught with simple, guided instructions and can be done on your own after the workshop.

Benefits of regular practice
  • Brings about physical fitness and overall wellbeing

  • Makes the sinews and ligaments of the body strong

  • Increases mental alertness and focus

  • Creates a basis for one to move into higher states of energy

  • Increases physical strength & stamina

  • Realigns the musculo-skeletal system

  • Increases energy levels

  • The workshop consists of 1 (2-hour) class for those who already learned Surya Kriya. 
  • Once you complete the workshop, it will take about 15+ minutes to do on your own.

  • Suitable for ages 8+

  • Medium-level intensity

  • Previous experience with yoga is not required

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