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Like some of you, Jeff reached a crossroads in his life and needed tools to help him become more healthy and balanced. In his search for answers, he came across the Isha Foundation and decided to take his first Isha Hatha Yoga workshop. Within a short period of time, he began to experience tremendous change within himself. Most notably, his long struggle with anxiety and depression subsided and he began to experience life with much more balance and joyful energy.

Within a few years of doing the practices, he felt called to share these tools with other people seeking to live a more healthy, happy and fulfilling life. So he quit his corporate management job and flew to India to attend the 5-month, 1750-hour Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program. It was there that he received intensive training on Classical Hatha Yoga, became certified as an Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher, and gained the tools, training and experience needed to teach this powerful system of yoga.

Prior to launching AlivenYoga, Jeff worked for 10 years in management positions in a variety of industries, including small business development, international development and financial services. His formal education includes an MBA and a BA in philosophy from the University of Minnesota. Other life experiences include traveling through 16 countries, including Western Europe, Brazil, South Africa and Mozambique; working for an NGO in Angola (West Africa); living in a fishing village on the northeastern coast of Brazil; going on a 2-week, 600-mile bicycle/camping trip in Minnesota; and being a coach, mentor and board member to support people and organizations trying to build a more joyful and inclusive world.

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