My name is Jeff Seltz. I am the founder of AlivenYoga (alive-in-yoga). In 2019 I completed the 21-week Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program in southern India. It included 1750 hours of intensive training of Classical Hatha Yoga and equipped me with the tools needed to teach this powerful system of yoga. It was the most challenging and exhilarating experience of my life. 

My journey with Classical Hatha Yoga started in late 2016. At the time, I had lost my footing in life. I was deeply ingrained in unhealthy and limiting patterns that prevented me from moving forward in my life. I had recently experienced the end of a 10-year marriage, I was in between jobs, and I was struggling to maintain a healthy relationship with myself. I was desperately in need of tools that could put the power of transformation in my hands. 

Fortunately, within a short period of time of practicing Hatha Yoga, I began to experience tremendous change within myself. My long struggle with depression and anxiety subsided. I gained a newfound ability to deal with situations with more play and ease. And above all, I began to experience life with much more balance and joyful energy. 

Over time my practice deepened, my experience of life became more profound, and I realized that these practices have an immense power for inner transformation. So in 2019 I took the leap: I quit my corporate management job, traveled to India, became certified as a Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher and returned home to share this system of yoga with others seeking to embark on their own journey of transformation.

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